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Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB)

The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) is a professional investment management organization with a critical purpose – to help provide a foundation upon which Canadians build financial security in retirement. We invest the assets of the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). We invest those assets not currently needed by the CPP to pay pension, disability and survivor benefits.
CPPIB is headquartered in Toronto with offices in Hong Kong, London, New York, and Sao Paulo. We invest in public equities, private equities, bonds, real estate, infrastructure and other areas. The Fund’s current assets total over $200 billion, ranking us among the 10 largest retirement funds in the world. Our assets are projected to reach $300 billion by 2020, $500 billion by 2030, and more than $1 trillion by 2045.
Our clarity of mission, independence, scale, certainty of assets and long horizon set us apart from other pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and institutional investors. These advantages have earned us an international reputation – and help us to attract and retain a world-class investment team