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EXTOREL managed since 1997  the assets of the Strascheg family. In the holistic care of the assets we pursue a broad diversification of the portfolio by asset classes, regions, investment styles and managers, depending on the environment of the financial markets. The investment and risk management, reporting and relationship management are also part of our job as the Foundation support.An integrated approach to regulate financial, legal and personal affairs of the family coordinates, forms the basis for our actions.

EXTOREL investment focus is in the area of ​​private equity and venture capital. As a distinctive entrepreneurial style, active investor, we invest in young, innovative technology companies with high growth potential. In addition, we participate in leading, internationally oriented and diversified in its strategy venture capital and private equity funds.

In addition, the investment portfolio of the Strascheg family includes the asset class equities, fixed income securities and liquid assets as well as alternative forms of investment. The investment decisions we make based strictly disciplined investment process. These apply to the analysis of markets, selection of the values ​​that the composition of the portfolio and risk management.

The philanthropic actions are required to our foundations. In addition to a variety of projects in the social and cultural spheres, targeted promotion of entrepreneurial culture in Germany is also of high importance. As early as 2003, this was done by the Falk Foundation F. Strascheg the “Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship” (SCE) at the University of Munich launched. The stated goal of the SCE is to strengthen the entrepreneurial culture in Germany. This is done through the mediation of comprehensive fundamental and expertise on business creation and business growth. Last but not least young people also benefit from the dissemination of the specially successfully implemented by Falk F. Strascheg entrepreneurial experience.