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TD International FZC

TD International FZC is a privately owned Expatriate Company established 5years ago as a Marketing Consultancy Specialist Company. It has grown to include a few specialist Divisions and where each Team Leader has a responsibility to ensure that his Portfolio of Clients are efficiently Serviced, without exception.

Our Team is ‘hand-picked’ where we offer those Entrepreneurial Spirits to ‘live themselves out’ and therefore to continue encourage their Innovation, Creativity and Style to contribute toward ensuring that we are on par with the ever changing market trends. With this positive ‘Spirit’ we have created and continue to culminate a work environment of inspiration, passion and commitment where Teams operate in harmony Productivity and surging performance.

Hence the Service Offerings are a variation, yet synergized to almost include a Turnkey Solution for those Clients requiring such a Service. As Entrepreneurs we do believe that Traditional Business is of the past, however the same age-old Ethics are applied to our business and have proved to be effective in achieving our Goals and Objectives. Our business has only thrived on sound Client Relationships spanning for many years and with a continual ‘Referral of Business’ we have achieved remarkable success and have grown from strength to strength.