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Polimeni International, LLC

Polimeni International, LLC, is a full service real estate firm specializing in the development, construction, management, brokerage and marketing of prime commercial properties throughout the United States and in selected global markets.

The company has a proven and consistent track record of identifying potential areas of growth in advance of the market, allowing the company to maximize its returns on investment. From its venture in mass transit oriented development in the northeast to the creation of retail malls in post-Communist Poland, Polimeni International has been adept at being among the first into a lucrative market and equally skilled at recognizing when an economic cycle is about to turn.

Now enjoying its 30th year as an independent strategic force in real estate, its corporate structure is designed to ensure that it remains agile in navigating market forces, focused on creating growth equity, pragmatic in land use and dedicated to remaining an ethical standard of excellence in the industry.