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“The quality of our design is based on connecting multiple key competences from the areas of structural, hydraulic, transportation and civil engineering as well as approval and project management.”
Sophisticated consulting services based on many years’ project experience
Our sophisticated architectural and engineering solutions for public and private clients worldwide are based on quality and vision. Our services are the result of our competencies and experience that have characterised INROS LACKNER  for over 75 years on the market.
Realising a wide variety of tasks
Due to targeted cooperation of our architects, engineers, environmental planners and experts in interdisciplinary teams, INROS LACKNER  guarantees optimal technical, ecological and cost-effective solutions. Both in planning for specialised services and in master planning, INROS LACKNER is involved in all the planning stages, provides comprehensive consultation and contributes significantly to the success of the building product in terms of efficient approval procedures and construction management.