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Dualia - Consulting

Dualia is a management and organizational consulting company based in Israel dedicated to helping leaders more effectively manage change and improve organizational effectiveness. Working closely with the organization’s leadership, Dualia helps clients meet the challenges that lie ahead. We objectively diagnose success inhibitors, help companies develop an inspiring vision, create a results-oriented strategy, and implement the changes required for the organization to realize continued success. Dualia engages people from all levels of the customer’s organization in changing the way their business is conducted. We help organizations empower their people for greater achievements. In addition, we have excellent acquaintance with the Israeli high-tech and investment sectors in Israel.

Our strengths:
• Practical experience in multiple fields: management, consulting, mediation, business, etc. This brings holistic view, real understanding and pragmatism
• We are visionary yet practical
• We have unique / innovative methods
• We are academically backed
• We have an inter-personal and intra-personal understanding
• We’re big enough to deliver but small enough to care