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DELTA was founded in 1977 as a sole proprietorship in Wels. To provide you – our customers – with as comprehensive a service as possible, we have continuously extended our field of activity. That is why we have ranked among Austria’s leading companies in the field of architecture, construction management and EDP & IT for a long time. For our customers we are in charge of projects in the field of shopping, health care and wellness. In doing so, we systematically act with experience and expertise and look at every single project in its entirety – from the very first project idea, to architecture and planning, right up to local construction supervision, handover and after-sales services. Experienced staff and professional technical equipment guarantee the quality of our services!

In order to be able to offer you – our customers – the most comprehensive service possible, we have continually been expanding our business fields since our founding in 1977. We are therefore one of Austria’s leading companies in the fields of architecture, construction management, EDP and IT and offer the following services:

  • Architecture
  • General Planning
  • Construction Management
  • EDP & IT
  • Development