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Britsma™ Design Group

Britsma™ Design Group is a consultancy and design firm with over 30 years experience in over 40 US States, Canada, Mexico, UK and over 20 other countries worldwide. We specialize in the planning & design of jewelry stores, fashion stores, hotels, spa. clubs, restaurants, malls, commercial facilities and supermarkets. Regardless of the size and budget of a Client’s project assignment we give them the same attention. Our projects are lead from their outset by a Design Director who works with a selected designers team experienced in the Client’s project’s particular specialty. During the process of our work and services, we work closely with our Clients, their team, their vendors and all other professionals they may bring into their project in an effort to ensure that everyone’s information input is received, carefully studied, analyzed, ideas exchanged in a positive and constructive way and considered accordingly in the design preparations and execution of our projects.

From a project’s outset leading to its completion and grand opening, we keep our Clients constantly informed while we remain accountable and responsible to them and their financial investment into their project venture.