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BDP International

With a network of wholly-owned operations, joint ventures and affiliates in more than 130 countries, including more than 270 offices across the world, BDP People believe in delivering on the promise of service excellence one customer at a time. It’s about people who listen and communicate whether it’s across the office or across the globe. People who sweat the details to over-achieve. People you can trust.

A full range of integrated solutions including:

Transportation – Air, Ocean, Ground
Export Logistics – Freight Forwarding
Import Logistics – Customs Clearance
Vertical Expertise in Chemicals, Healthcare and Retail & Consumer Goods
Trade, Security and Environmental Regulatory Compliance
Warehousing & Distribution
Global Project Logistics
Oil & Gas Logistics
Process Improvement
Global Logistics Modeling and Management
Lead Logistics Provider Design and Management
Supply Chain Optimization Consulting