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Arvato Hightech

The history of arvato began over 175 years ago, when Carl Bertelsmann opened a lithographic printing shop in the East Westphalian town of Gütersloh. This was the first step in the development of a corporate division that today accounts for more Bertelsmann employees than any other. The business began by printing and shipping books and other printed materials for Bertelsmann’s publishing companies, then expanded to provide services for external customers. This marked the birth of arvato, which subsequently grew larger, became involved in new industries, developed innovative products and expanded into other countries and continents − until it became what it is today: a unique international joint service provider that occupies a leading position in numerous market segments and employs over 66,400 people worldwide.

We provide our customers with customized solutions comprising digital marketing, financial, CRM, SCM, print and IT solutions as well as replication services – all connected by way of integrated IT platforms.

We support our customers on three different levels: first, we provide them with high-quality, sustainable services; second, we offer them integrated, technical solutions; and finally, as a strategic service partner, we help them to optimize their core processes in a way that creates new values.

Our global network extends to over 40 countries, and our main growth markets are Germany, France, Spain, the UK, the US and China. Our business is centered on consumerdriven industries such as telecommunications, IT/Internet, energy, automotive and healthcare, as well as on major global telecommunications, IT and Internet service providers. Our strategic objective is to create sustainable growth through systematic innovations, internationalization, flexibility, customer focus and partnerships.