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Thylan Associates Inc.

Founded in 1981, Thylan Associates is a real estate development and investment firm with a value-driven, asset enhancing viewpoint which has brought significant appreciation to its properties.

Thylan Associates is a leader in the development, construction, sales and marketing of planned residential communities.

From full-scale, multi-acre industrial and office parks to smaller, architecturally distinctive office buildings, Thylan Associates has assembled a growing portfolio of diverse commercial properties.

Thylan Associates makes fast, informed decisions on properties that it reviews for possible new acquisitions. Many of the Thylan organization’s most successful residential and commercial properties began with the acquisition of raw land or underutilized buildings. Once involved, Thylan Associates does the planning, obtains all of the neccessary approvals and then proceeds with the design, construction, sales/leasing and marketing.

Thylan Associates is active in the acquisition and construction of retail properties throughout the country.