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The Landsman Companies

The Landsman Companies are a family of companies devising and implementing innovative strategies in real estate development, construction and management. We work together today to ensure the value of your tomorrow.

Landsman Development Corp. (LDC) was established in 1971 by its Chairman, Elliott Landsman, who has been involved in real estate development since 1960. Since its inception, the company has developed a wide variety of projects, both commercial and residential. LDC corporate headquarters are at 3 Townline Circle, Rochester, New York.

Landsman Real Estate Services. was formed in 1972 as a wholly owned subsidiary of LDC for the purpose of managing the developed projects, and has since expanded its services to third party management.  Landsman Real Estate Services corporate headquarters are also at 3 Townline Circle,Rochester, NY.

Building Services Group, Inc. (BSG) was formed in 1980 from a central maintenance team for Landsman Real Estate Services managed properties.  It has since expanded its services as a general contractor in commercial and residential construction throughout the Greater Rochester business community. BSG is located at 465 Blossom Road, Rochester, New York.