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Peel Management

Peel has and will continue to put down very strong roots by recycling capital and retaining its investments. Peel has a long term horizon; there is no interest in quick fixes. Corporate policy is to actively manage the diverse portfolio by improving the quality of the Group’s interests and properties bringing benefits to the local areas and communities where it operates.

Our underlying interests are the natural assets of land, air and water along with the 5,000 talented people who work for us.

We invest for the long term. Regeneration and job creation is an important feature of what we do and is reflected in our track record. This long term ethos is encapsulated in our company motto – determination, perseverance and patience.

Our continuing philosophy is built around recycling capital over the longer term in the regions and communities in which we work. The shareholders of Peel continue to be committed to plough all profits and shareholder value into these regions and communities, thereby increasing economic activity and creating environmental and social benefits.