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Ovation Global DMC

Ovation Global DMC represents the natural evolution of a Destination Management Company (DMC) formed almost 20 years ago in Ireland by Patrick Delaney and Padraic Gilligan. Initially a 2 man operation, Ovation’s niche activity rapidly earned its reputation as Ireland’s premier DMC operator growing to a 50 person strong award-winning organisation with full Destination Management Service offices in Dublin and Belfast and representation across the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Today Ovation is established as a truly global organisation providing associations, corporations and agencies with DMC expertise at 100+ international locations on 5 continents.

Amidst the many naively grandiose claims on the company’s initial collateral piece, there is one statement that rings as true today as it seemed it would when it was initially written. We knew that our success would be inextricably linked to our ability to build and leverage the human capital in relationships: internal relationships with our own people; external relationships with supplier-partners and, crucially, with customers.