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Nordic Hotel Consulting

Nordic Hotel Consulting is a leading hotel and hospitality consulting firm in Northern Europe.

NHC provides advisory services to a wide range of industry players including real estate owners and developers, national and international banks, inns, hotels, restaurants and various public authorities.

With in-depth market knowledge, NHC is a key reference point for the various industry operators in Northern Europe. NHC works in close collaboration with the most important industry players and can hence offer tailored solutions to its clients. NHC often carries out the actual implementation of projects, which ensures that our clients’ plans and projects are realized in an optimal way.

NHC further collaborates with a range of relevant experts from other lines of business, including accountants, lawyers, architects, bankers and financiers. Consequently, we provide our clients with a “one-stop shop” option. This strong network enables us to offer our clients an outstanding service and high quality solutions.