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Merry Land Properties, LLC

Merry Land Properties, LLC, is an apartment company whose objective is to build value for its investors through buying, developing, renovating and positioning apartment properties for ourselves and for others. We operate in the Southeastern United States where we have been active for over 20 years. Within this region, we have focused on the coastal apartment markets, where we find exceptional opportunities for well conceived and well managed properties. We also own more than 4,000 acres of clay lands, which provide us with mineral royalties and timber income, and we engage in other commercial real estate activities as well.

Merry Land is one of the South’s leaders in the apartment industry. We and our predecessors have built and operated luxury apartment communities throughout the South. We are building communities in Savannah, and have communities under development in Charleston and Charlotte. Our experienced, talented and enthusiastic apartment professionals are the cornerstone of our success. These professionals have participated in the leasing, management and maintenance of over 36,000 apartment units and the construction of over 4,000 units throughout the South.