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MergersClub was launched in January 2012 with the aim of connecting worldwide M&A professionals in a secure environment. MergersClub helps those professionals who work within this complicated and ever-growing sector. Its simplicity and utility, plus the fact that it was built exclusively for M&A professionals, makes MergersClub a vital tool for any professional working in the field of M&A. Thanks to the help of all club members, the daily publishing of mandates and the rapid increase of members, MergersClub is continuously growing, converting itself into the biggest and most complete international club ever built for M&A. MergersCLub is not focused solely in the United States or Europe and has equally strong operations in Latin America, Africa and Asia. The network can truly offer you access to an international M&A community. With MergersClub, we want you to connect, share, and close the deal today.