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LFV Aviation Consulting AB

LFV is a public enterprise with approx. 1,250 employees that operates air navigation services for civil and military customers at 28 locations in Sweden. We have sales of over SEK 3 billion and our main office is in Norrköping. LFV is one of Europe’s leading actors in air navigation services. Our solutions for even safer and more cost-effective air navigation are being noticed, and in the area of environment we are at the forefront to minimize environmental impact. 

Together with airlines and airports, LFV will continue to ensure that aviation plays an important role in society, for industry’s need for rapid transport and people’s desire for new experiences. LFV is a climate-neutral public enterprise and an exciting place to work.

Each year there are more than 700,000 flights in Swedish airspace. The aviation industry’s high level of safety awareness and the systematic work being done continually to prevent all conceivable risks has created a safety culture that is reflected in our day-to-day activities. 

This culture of safety, in combination with a strict international system of regulations, has made aviation the safest means of transportation. Aviation is the hub of the global contact network, now and in the future. Aviation allows people to meet and cultures to cooperate. The work of LFV is an important part of the global transport sector.