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Our Company: Jonego Nig Ltd is an Independent Oil & Gas company, also.
To operate in several sectors, sales, services, construction, agriculture, maintenance, import & export Etc…The company is registered in Nigeria with RC: number 1118639.
We are also working towards being a major player in the importation, storage, distribution, trading and retailing of oil products.
The Company was established in 2000 by Justine Nnaji, and has been in Oil & Gas business since 2007 but completed full registration and started full operation for business in 2013.
Jonego Nig Ltd has been mandated to Source for reliable Construction, POWER Companies Round the Globe to Execute and Handle Several Projects in Different Countries and these projects are ongoing and the Govt are ready for discussion….Serious Companies should contact us for more info.
We are a dynamic, innovative company and rapidly becoming a known company in the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.
VISION: To become Africa’s strongest and most innovative energy solution provider.
MISSION: To provide excellent products and services tailored to surpass and excite customers’ expectation, driven by well motivated and dedicated team of professionals in a friendly environment, using the most modern technology in our industry to deliver optimal returns to stakeholders
Our Services Also includes: Construction,Marine Engineering, Plant Engineering, Vessel Time Chartering, Sales, Leasing, and Supply Vessel. Etc…