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HUB Group

We are over 43 years of time-tested solutions. We are also home to over 2,900 drivers and many full-time intermodal professionals, whose collective industry experience spans over a full millennium.

Our asset-light strategy is not only innovative, it’s incredibly effective – a model that gives you access to a fleet of over 27,000 of our own 53-foot freight containers, and over 65,000 rail assets. This brings you the most flexible and reliable intermodal shipping service operating throughout North America. Plus, we know the kind of personalized attention this requires.

We can handle a variety of freight. From transporting hazardous cargo to using climate-controlled containers, we can match specialized equipment to your transportation needs.

Our Marine Container Solutions feature programs with the top ocean carriers, allowing us to offer competitive intermodal rates to our customers who utilize 20-foot, 40-foot, 40-foot HC and 45-foot containers.

Hub Group’s relationships with UP, NS, KCS, CN, CP, CSX, BNSF, FXE and FEC railroads ensure flexibility and dependability.

Not only do our rail suppliers offer the most extensive networks in the country, they’ve made significant enhancements to decrease transit times and increase service across the board. Union Pacific has invested approximately $3.7 billion in capital during 2012 to enhance the safety and capabilities of their 32,000-mile network. Norfolk Southern invested roughly $2.2 billion in 2012 to improve infrastructure. Improved capacity allows freight rail service to grow and promotes a cleaner environment. It also offsets rising fuel costs, which can save you a lot of money.