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Highpointe Communities, Inc.

Highpointe Communities, Inc. (“Highpointe”) is a real estate development company formed in 1997 for the purpose of creating and capitalizing upon a diverse range of real estate opportunities. The principals of Highpointe have extensive experience with all aspects of the real estate industry, including the land entitlement process, land development, federal and state regulatory permitting, homebuilding and general construction.

Since its inception, Highpointe has successfully acquired, developed, managed and sold over 8,000 residential lots as well as apartment, office and retail projects. These projects which range from the entitlement and sale of undeveloped land to the development and sale of fully graded “ready to go” lots, are located throughout Southern California and encompass a broad spectrum of product types.

Highpointe owes its success to its ability to react quickly to market opportunities and changing market conditions and its skill in evaluating the risks and rewards associated with each project. These capabilities, coupled with its principal’s collective reputations within the industry, a strong work ethic, and an extensive network of contacts, have allowed Highpointe to competitively position itself in the marketplace.

We are knowledgeable about each market in which we do business, and we constantly evaluate the upside rewards and downside risks of each market. We bring extensive experience to all aspects of the investment, financing, entitlement, development and marketing process. We work honestly and effectively with government officials, regulatory agencies, community leaders, and our lenders and partners. We bring financial savvy and stringent fiscal operating controls to every project. However, we remain flexible and able to adapt to a changing market in order to ensure the greatest possible financial success as well as the development of a project that will make the local community proud.

In order to successfully execute our objectives and achieve our goals we rely on two main attributes – knowledge and discipline – to make the most of the opportunities we encounter.