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Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl) is one of the world’s leading air cargo terminals with the unique world-class facilities, highly efficient operation, and innovative technology. Hactl is the only neutral air cargo terminal operator at Hong Kong International Airport. We have no affiliation to any carrier, providing all of our airline customers with unbiased service.

Operating since 1976, Hactl is established to support the import, export and transshipment of air cargo in Hong Kong, contributing to the growth of the economy of Hong Kong. For 38 years, we have adopted the most innovative technology, trained the best people and developed the best practices to lead the industry.

SuperTerminal 1 is the single largest multi-level air cargo terminal in the world. We have 3,500 Container Storage System positions, 10,000 Box Storage System positions, and a comprehensive range of specialised cargo handling facilities to cater for all cargo types, from temperature-controlled products to valuable goods to livestock. We are capable of handling up to 3.5 million tonnes of air cargo every year.

At the heart of SuperTerminal 1’s operation is COSAC-Plus, a new generation air cargo management system that enables the most efficient cargo tracking, information sharing and facilitates e-freight. The system is designed for all airlines, freight forwards and related government departments to monitor and manage air cargo handled by Hactl. Every day, the system handles more than 3,500 users and over 1,000,000 data transactions.

People are one of our greatest assets. We recognise the importance of recruiting, training and retaining the best people at every level of our organization. Of the 2,500 employees, most of them have been with Hactl for over 10 years, enabling us to deliver consistent and high quality service to our customers.

Hactl offers multi-modal services through our wholly-owned subsidiary Hacis. Located within SuperTerminal 1, Hacis offers unique road feeder services to and from mainland China.