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Greenlab Agronomics Inc

Situated in the prime Canola growing region in the heart of Alberta, a Regional Energy Centre will emerge based on renewable energy as a comprehensive working model of discovery, development and distribution of alternative energy systems for Canada. The Regional Energy Centre will be founded on four columns:

  • Industrial plant: oil crushing plant / biodiesel plant / electrical generation / pelletizing plant for animal food
  • Campus: academy, university & research centre for renewable energies & environmental management
  • Business centre: for companies investing and / or working in this field
  • Conference & hospitality area

Phase one of the project will focus on the Industrial Crushing Plant and piston electrical generation plant. Phase two will be the biodiesel production plant, domestic animal food pelletizing plant plus a combined heat and power distribution energy plant. Phase three and final stage of the project will be a worldwide reputed university centre for research & development, education, conference and business centre in relation with renewable energy sources. The areas focused on will mainly be environmental science, agriculture science, animal science, biofuel and alternative energy from agrifuel and waste feed stocks.