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Crescendo Systems Corporation

Crescendo Systems Corporation is a leading developer of Clinical Documentation, Digital Dictation, Voice Processing, Transcription and Workflow Management systems for the medical, legal, law enforcement and insurance sectors.

Established in Laval, Canada in 1990 with a solid focus on providing customer rich documentation solutions, Crescendo Systems are now in use in over 15 countries in 3 different languages. In North America, Crescendo provides its solutions both directly and through a network of qualified resellers. In Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Africa, Crescendo Systems are sold through resellers with an established presence in major cities.

In Europe, there are three Crescendo subsidiaries. The first was established in London, England in 2003, and now has over 500 installations. The Germany subsidiary located in Hamburg was started in 2010 and Paris, France  was established in 2013. All three locations are expanding at a record rate in their home markets.