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Continental Realty Corporation

Continental Realty is a company that respects its history for what it shows us about our future: that entrepreneurial spirit and quality people build a lasting business. Though we have spent decades growing and maturing, we have never lost the desire to move forward or the vision to see the next opportunity in the industry. We have built a reputation for integrity, quality and value, a reputation that we strive to build upon every day. We are visionaries in our industry with a dedicated team of skilled professionals who are committed to a corporate culture that values excellence.

Continental Realty has been through many real estate cycles and seen many changes within the industry since our founding in 1960. Our diverse list of successful projects proves our ability to find profitable opportunities under any conditions. We use past experience to ensure our future success.

We believe that it is important to contribute to the community around us. Our company constantly strives to be good neighbors by building strong relationships with local community groups, charities, and professional associations. This sense of corporate responsibility is reflected in all of our relationships, whether with clients, financial partners, tenants or neighbors. In addition, by constantly reinvesting capital into our properties, we improve the value of the surrounding neighborhoods. By building strong relationships, we create a network of individuals who are invested in Continental Realty, the community and the future.