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Capital Automotive

As the first company solely focused on providing highly tailored sale-leaseback capital to the automotive retail industry, Capital Automotive has exclusively supported automobile dealers since 1997. The company’s stock was publicly traded on NASDAQ through December of 2005 when we completed a privatization with DRA Advisors LLC.

Through custom tailored real estate finance, we have assisted dealer groups in growing their organizations, acquiring new locations, upgrading existing facilities, constructing new stores, and facilitating estate planning and partner buyouts. In many situations, we have aided dealers by maximizing liquidity and flexibility.

Our creation was a collaboration of automobile dealers and experts in real estate, and finance. Since inception, our team of professionals has developed and maintained relationships throughout the industry that have provided us with an in-house level of expertise unparalleled in the marketplace. By listening to our clients and prospects, we continue to add new products and tailor existing products to better serve the auto retail industry.