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Airport Development Partners SA

Airport Development Partners SA is a private aviation consulting and investment company principally dedicated to the development of regional hubs and ‘secondary’ airports. The company is a member of BruttenGlobal, an international family office which owns and manages a diversified portfolio of corporate holdings valued in excess of USD 2.5 billion across a variety of industries, including real estate, banking, professional sports, aviation, media and consumer products.   

Airport Development Partners SA works with its clients, public and private owners and operators of airports, pursuing the objective of developing an airport´s growth potential and the breadth and quality of its services. By doing so, we ensure airports can act as powerful catalysts for economic development.

Airport Development Partners SA will advise airport owners in selecting the funding models best suited to the public owners´ privatization objectives, be they based on a Public-Private-Partnership, an operating concession, a partial privatization through the sale of a minority participation or the sale of an airport.