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ACT Corporate Finance Consultancy Services Inc

ACT Finans is an independent corporate financial advisory Turkish company/intermediary institution since 2004, specialized in providing a broad range of corporate finance services to clientele all over the world which is corporate finance contractor of some institutional investors, PE & VC fund managers and M&A advisories.

We are interested in all financial requests reaching us, and in contact all over the world with solution partners, also have direct connection to some international financial organizations.

As a Turkey partner of euroMerger is an integrated group of independent corporate finance boutiques with an exclusive focus on the middle market, deal flow agent in Turkey of institutional investors and fund managers.

We have strong connections with international development finance institutions, international commercial banks, also Middle East & Central Asia countries administrations, especially upper level in such countries in these regions,

One of the competitive edges in corporate finance projects is the ability to analyse the case in a thorough, analytical, objective and skilful manner. With its strong team, ACT Finans has accumulated the technical know-how, information resources, networks and expertise necessary to provide high quality and accurate service.

The partners and managers of ACT Finans have extensive project finance experience. Being an independent firm, ACT Finans is able to provide advisory services in an objective manner without any conflicts of interests. ACT Finans has a history in collaborating with other financial institutions, both domestic and international.